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Energy-saving gas-fired steam generator

Author:admin     Publish Time:2016-09-13     Origin:未知

Energy-saving gas steam generator, make up of the level controller, strong exhaust fan, intelligent control system assembly, heat recovery system, the terminal pressure control (temperature control requirements can be supplied with temperature control) . Gas solenoid valve can be manually adjusted to control the size of the fire; the use of the wind turbine, combustion negative pressure to solve the problem of incomplete combustion; fire row burners, electronic ignition safety and reliability; rugged stainless steel tube heat exchanger; using the latest combustion heat exchanger design and manufacturing technology, a key to start, intelligent control; the use of liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, artificial gas and other gases as fuel. Product features Efficient: Science boiling space, generate powerful steam for 2-3 minutes, the thermal efficiency of over 95%. Energy: the scientific design of heat absorption principle, the more traditional steam boiler energy saving over 50%. Simple: connect water, electricity, gas, steam pipe can be. Switch machines are briefly press the power switch, installation, operation is very simple. Easy to control: easy to use, electronic ignition pulse, a key switch machine, the machine that is able to produce large amounts of a continuous steam in a short time, 2-5 minutes under cold water to the state of steam, hot water status within 5 seconds to steam. Reduced working time, improve work efficiency. Green: low power fan, ventilation taken combustion type, ultra-low noise, save energy. Small: vertical structure, small footprint, easy to install and move. Save money: ultra-low air consumption of energy-saving steam generator, it does not belong to the boiler, check the regulators from government security sector, but also without professional certificates personnel to operate, eliminating the need for security costs and staff costs. - See more at: 
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